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The goal of this course is to offer the practitioner a short way to exercise some of the basic exercises, in order to prepare him for the direct transmission of an ancient knowledge.

This is an ancient tradition that is live again. It is the most fast and powerful system you can conceive. Fascination works through the most direct medium we have for perceiving and acting on our reality: the eye. The sense of sight is primary in creating our reality.

While most of modern psychology works on “techniques”, the fascination tradition relies on his results working on developing the operator, guiding him at a level in which he develops even a different neurology, enabling him to do things that before he believed impossible. The fascination school relies on the power of the eye and on the power of life force. The practitioner of this art will become able to create his own reality, and project new realities into others.

Many tales of ancient India speak of people that made new realities real by just looking toward a person. There is the ancient tale of the ancient Roman Marius that blocked his enemy just by looking inside his eyes. Also many films have reported cases of hypnotism and of this wonderful power. Most of the time, the hypnotist looks into the eyes of a person. There is a reality behind it.

Quantum physics says that the way in which we observe reality has an impact on it. In Europe there is an ancient school that, from the most ancient times, worked on specifically developing the power of the gaze. The part we are already offering for free is very practical and aims to help the practitioner to achieve physiological changes. What you will find in this brief online course is the necessary basis for beginning this transformation.

We have created this basic course as basis for a real initiation in this wonderful power.
As many people seeing the site called us from very far countries asking for a means of learning the system, it was impossible to do a course in the ancient way. Therefore we have formulated an online course in order to give you some of the ability necessary to access the initiation in this art more fully, and be able to develop yourselves in the fastest way. Obviously, this can be done only partially. The complete initiation can only be given directly as involves seeing a person in his eyes.


LESSON 1 - What is fascination?
LESSON 2 – Mastery of the mind
LESSON 3 - Concentration on body parts
LESSON 4 – The power of breath
LESSON 5 - The power of mirror
LESSON 6 - Using the gaze in ordinary conversation
LESSON 7 - The power of tension.
LESSON 8 - Physical Movement
LESSON 9 - Learn the technique of IMMOBILITY
LESSON 10 - Add vivacity to your eyes
LESSON 11 - Visualization and Projection
LESSON 12 – Creating in the reality



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