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Modern Quantum and Ethological Scientific Explanations

Gaze can fascinate, enchant…

From the oldest times there have been people that used the power of gaze: yogis, hypnotists, priests, leaders. Their gaze was stronger as their words. Their conscience “touched” the conscience of other people, and transmitted emotions and thoughts in other spirits

What is behind it?

We try now to give you a brief possible account of the power of the gaze in a more scientific way. It is important to understand that what you will find here are scientific hypotheses for a reality.

Hypnosis and Fascination

The state of fascination can be accounted for between the hypnotic states.

In this case, it can be viewed as something different from what is normally referred to by actual hypnotists as “trance”. Thanks to the fascination techniques, we can obtain results not obtainable through simple suggestion. The state of fascination is not only a psychological one but also a physiological one.

If you look at it from a hypnotic point of view, it is one of the most amazing states that we can achieve. There are also many physical signs - the jaw muscles are relaxed and the eyes are wide open with little or no movement.

In this state, the attention of the subject is concentrated and the ideas acted upon immediately. Normally the eyes of the fascinated person are glued upon the eyes of the fascinator and they cannot look away.

Many subjects profess not to remember anything at the end of the experience.

Another use of fascination is to influence and persuade, and the term is passed in the popular language as a way of saying that a person is capable of capturing the attention of someone else.

Fascination and Quantum Science
Fascination can be defined as a relationship of intense observation. The attention of the person fascinated is completely bound to the person he/she is observing, and the results tend to obey to quantum concepts.

The observer influences the reality he is observing

This is true in each relationship, but it is even truer in the fascination.
That is, a relationship of observation.
The observation of the operator is what creates and influences reality.

Gamma Waves and Fascination
The fascination training of the fascinators’ school seems to be able to induce in the fascinator a state of high excitation and high brain activity in some cases. This state of enhanced awareness can be accounted for the production of gamma waves.
A gamma wave is a pattern of brain waves, associated with perception and consciousness. Some experiments on advanced Tibetan Buddhist meditators (by a team including Mathieu Ricard), revealed high frequency coherent "gamma wave" EEG fluctuations in the range of 30 to 90 cycles per second (several times faster than the well-known "alpha" waves of novice meditators of approximately 10 cycles/sec.).
There are now indications that the brains of these Buddhist actually see thousands of neurons at widely spaced locations fire in coherent synchronization. They are too perfectly timed to be controlled by normal, and relatively slow, neural processes. Some researchers are now suggesting that strange “non-local” quantum effects can only coordinate these coherent oscillations.
These particular states can therefore also be at the foundation of some phenomena of “thought transference” we observe.
In our training we have a striking similarity with what was observed in some Tibetan monks.
Heightened consciousness, known as Samadhi in the meditation tradition, is an experience unclouded by cognitive contents. One usually arrives at it gradually, disciplining the mind and learning how to focus all attention on a single thing. Concentrating the mind on a single point is also the basic exercise of the fascinators.

Some old schools of thought believe that to get to real samadhi, you should able to concentrate 12 X 12 X 12 seconds (i.e. 1728 s. or 28 min 48 s). It appears that 28 min and 48 s is very close to the “30 minutes” that are connected with achieving a higher power in some traditions.

(Note To understand our spirit, Go to our index page if you have not seen it. Scientific explanations are never “truths”. The only truths are the facts that we can witness. Scientific explanations are just a way to try to find a basis on modern sciences for the reality we experience


At this point there is also a very interesting aspect: the connection between the states we create when working on fascination and the aristocratic tradition of “presence” (higher development of conscience) can find a basis in these studies.

As the aristocratic tradition of presence involves deconceptualizing, we can observe that focusing completely on a single thing means letting go of everything else. So when an individual can achieve this, he can remove himself from all undesired cognitive contents and enjoy a pure unmediated experience of reality.
Now, if the Gamma wave frequency goes up as more of the brain is connected through gap junctions, it seems that advanced practitioners are simply able to network more of their brains, having trained to concentrate their minds. The benefits of meditation do not all wear off. Advanced practitioners have a higher baseline gamma synchrony, suggesting a higher general awareness, concentration and consciousness. Other research has shown that meditation also thickens grey matter in parts of the cortex where it normally gets thinner with age.

It is also interesting to observe that it has always been observed that real fascinators were usually clever and fast as they were concentrated in action. Part could be the result of the training.

Transient periods of synchronized neurons firing over the gamma waveband, composed of entire banks of neurons from different parts of the brain, have been proposed as a mechanism for bringing a distributed matrix of cognitive processes together to generate a coherent, concerted cognitive act, such as perception. For example, it has been suggested that gamma waves are associated with solving the binding problem. Recent studies have shown that recognition of new insights occur when patterns jump from 20 to 40 Hz. An insight into this is also called “the eureka moment”

Gamma waves can also be facilitated by strong emotions.
As emotions can facilitate gamma wave, it is interesting that even in the animal world we find something that can be similar to human fascination in two specific instances:
- A certain type of fascination happens in the sexual sphere, as the animal see a partner.
- Another type of fascination is strictly connected to the catching of a prey
There are many accounts of animals fascinating each other. Serpents, for example, seem to be able to fascinate birds and other similar creatures in some cases. It seems that most of the animals have a sort of intuition of the power of fascination and are able to use it as they need it.

People of today, living in town, don’t see as many examples of it, but even one of our masters (Virgilio) said that in the countryside many people see fascination as nothing very strange as it happens all the time in the animal world.


In working with fascination, another interesting aspect is the awakening of inner life force. In every tradition, the life force can be enhanced and directed through special exercises. We see here a striking western similarity with the idea of “kundalini arising” in eastern development techniques


Kundalini, according to various teachings, is a type of "corporeal energy".
According to yogic writings and oral tradition, the force of Kundalini is raised through specific meditative practices.

Kundalini-experiences are understood using the structure of the chakra system, the psycho-spiritual energy centres along the spine. According to Hindu tradition Kundalini rises from the root chakra up through the spinal channel, (called Shushumna), and it is believed to activate each chakra it goes through. Each chakra is said to contain special characteristics. The chakras are any of the nerve plexes or centres of force and consciousness located within the inner bodies of man.

Kundalini has also been defined as "pranic awakening", where Prana is interpreted as the vital, life-sustaining force in the body. Uplifted, or intensified life-energy is called pranotthana and is supposed to originate from an apparent reservoir of subtle bio-energy at the base of the spine.


Our opinion is that the fascinator creates in himself a synchronized state between the different glands and nerve centres corresponding to the different chakras. This synchronization is an expression of the synchronization of various parts of the brain.

The result could be gamma waves or simply a better working of the brain.
If we look at the brain as an element that has the goal of synchronizing the different part of the body, we can understand that in synchronizing the different glands we create a special state that is probably necessary for achieving the higher results we observe.


We can observe fascination also from a pure psychological ethological viewpoint. The idea is: logical mind and society are just a recent sovra structure for the human.

How was it possible in primitive eves to ascertain that somebody was superior?

We see that some primates look themselves in the eyes. We can think that the same is for the humans. The direct gaze can be a manifestation of superiority that triggers automatic encoded reactions in our brains

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