Cours mesmeriques: (articles en français)

Mesmeric courses (articles in english)

Mesmerismus (articles in Italian)

Mesmerismus (some articles in spanish)

Some original and rare Books in French and english about Magnetism:

L'hypnotisme en images

La suggestion Post-Hypnotique

Hypnotisme hindou

In English

Easy guide to Hypnotism and Mesmerism


Modern Scientific Hypothesis

Introductory Paper on the ancient psycho-physiological fascination practices

Comparison with egyptian myths, the work of Franz Bardon and Caucasian/Zoroastrian Yoga


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Come learning mesmerism and hypnotic fascination at the real source.

There is only one Master School. This school is based on the practical results you achieve. The reality behind the tradition we teach, mesmerismus, is this master school. A true student must enlarge his knowledge. This page is for a comparison and a connection with elements of the egyptian tradition, the work of Franz Bardon and Caucasian/Zoroastrian Yoga. There is a common ground behind all these school.

Franz Bardon: If you ever stumbled upon the writings of Franz Bardon, you may have been fascinated by his way of teaching. He helps the reader in discovering some true keys of magic. Click here to access

Mazdaznan, Count Walewski and the fascination school: These are secret disciplines very practical.  Click here to access

Ancient Egyptian traditions. The myth of horus and its relationship with the fascination school.  Click here to access

..Click here for an introductory Paper on the ancient psycho-physiological fascination practices

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